Stainless Kitchen Renovation

What kind of backsplash should I choose? Why not a combination of them!

Just a few years ago my wife and I finally decided to make the jump and update our kitchen in our cute little three bedroom, one bathroom, craftsman home. With a switch to the galley style kitchen, we were delighted in the expansion of cabinets (the style and color were immediately agreed upon); new flooring and counter-tops were also considered and picked out without trouble… but then we got to options for backsplashes…
With a 1970’s era wallpaper in our old kitchen, any kind of backsplash was now going to be a pleasant upgrade; but which one? I liked stainless steel because I could put it in myself and it matched all the colors we were already using, but she wanted a tile.
Giving up the battle to fight another day, we dove into what kind of tile to get. Backsplash tiles today come in a variety of choice of materials: glass, metal, stone—and we had a hard time coming to a final compromise.
Her argument was that what is great in this modern time of inexpensive materials that look good and can be easily installed and often allows a homeowner (us) to can get tiles with a mix of materials which adds visual interest to the kitchen.
Still I was skeptical having tiled kitchens before and my heart stuck on stainless steel. We had dark brown countertops, white appliances, and a cream colored tiled floor. A mixture seemed like it could work, but it was going to have to be just the right colors.
But, as would be expected, after an evening on Pinterest, trolling a local tiling and backsplash company’s website, and some creative use with the various HDTV apps on her iPad that let her paste in colors and tile template pictures to a digital photograph of our redesigned, but tile-less kitchen—resulted in a “mutual” decision between the two of us.
Our awesome kitchen currently boasts a mosaic backsplash comprising of glass, glass that has been frosted, and all this is interlaced with stone accents. The stainless paired together with this stone, resulted in a very aesthetically pleasing final outcome, with a contemporary flair. It also results in a more colorful and friendly kitchen, in a natural way that is, that also creates the illusion of more space.
Our friend installed it (a licensed construction worker), taking him about a half day, and then a return visit the next day or so after to seal the edges with silicon. I would have been happy to do it if I had the appropriate tile cutting tools—not that it looked that easy, I just have the experience to do it myself.
Check for design ideas. In the end, a stainless steel backsplash from a company like would have been my first choice. Their prices were better than Home Depot, and the product was heavier. Maybe we could have upgraded all our appliances to stainless steel TOO—but that still could be done. However, the kitchen looks beautiful because for use of various tiles and colors that add to a well planned modernization of an older craftsman house.
A proper “well done” to my wife.